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  • fantasieswriter

    To my lovely followers!


    I know I’ve been absent for a while but I have some good news.

    We have started our own free website and changed out name!

    Ruins MY bias list is now called “We Are Kpop.”

    We Are Kpop is just a fansite put together in the form of a blog, run by a couple of girls that live and breath Kpop. We are currently working together to make this a more enjoyable place for international fans from all over the world to enjoy.

    So far our site’s features include:

    The home page. Which is where the blog aspect of the website is. This is where the admins will be most active. 

    The About page. Where you will this exact paragraph (because I copy pasted)

    The Admins page. Where you can go and learn a little more about your admins.

    The Archive. Where you can see all of the posts made by the admins. Completed with an option to look at the posts by which month they were posted in and a tag cloud along the bottom to help you find exactly which posts you are looking for.

    The Poll Pad. Where we admins conduct polls and Post polls that you members request.

    The Forums. Where you can make and chat with your new friends. 

    The Message Box. Where you can send us Admins messages, Spam requests, Replys to questions, Dreams, Poll Requests, imagine senarios, Fanfic suggestions, Fanart and Anything your heart desires.



    We are looking for Admins!

    If you are interested please contact us through the Message box on the site!

    Also! Kindly spread the word of our new site. If we are able to get members, we would like to begin conducting Special events and giveaways. 


    안녕하세요 여러분!
    오늘은 기븐이 어때요?

    I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a few days,
    I’ve been sick
    Some sort of bronchitis.

    We could really use some submissions also.

    Hint hint wink wink.

    Our second submission!

    Sent in by knightcaptaindaesung

    Do you guys even realize…

    How freaking awesome you are?
    Like seriously there’s no words!
    We are one follower away from 40.

    We got our second “ruins my bias list” submission.
    Which will be posted later today.

    Yesterday’s most popular post was of BTS’s Suga being lazy and not even trying to do the splits.

    Still no replies to the daily question. So going on day three for that question.
    If you missed it then you can find it


    Honestly I’m surprised the post about Minhyuk on the cover of men’s health didn’t get more attention….oh well.

    Your guys are still amazing.
    Thank you for giving us a chance.

    I’m still a loser, but I’m trying?

    Good morning my little bias listers!

    Some pretty cool things happened yesterday, and one uncool.

    Our little family of bias listers grew to a magical 31!

    Our first submission was our top post of the day.

    I started my tenth fanfic after some Big Bang feels

    And no one participated in the question of the day.

    We had no new submissions.
    No new terms submitted
    And no replies to the question of the day.

    So the same question stands, please reply in the ask box and submit a question you would like asked tomorrow. If you missed the question there is a link to it on the question of the day tab.

    I will strive to make this more fun for everyone. If you have any suggestions for me, submit them in the ask box or reply down below!

    Bias listers 화이팅!

    Question of the day!

    Who is your top (ultimate) bias and why?

    Please submit answers in the ask box!

    Who ever gives an answer that just blows my mind will get to pick tomorrow’s question of the day. So please submit your question with your answer. And title your submission “question of the day.”
    So I know what you are talking about.

    And please no answers like “Because I like his/her face.”
    We already know the idols are good looking, we all like their face.